Top Ten Cocktail Apps for the Blackberry

There is nothing worse than having a get together and nobody knows how to make a decent cocktail. Sometimes a simple vodka and tonic is not enough for the guests. You can be the life of the party when you whip out one of these top ten cocktail apps for the Blackberry that help you to either mix some great cocktails with food or choose the right wine for your meal.

1. Bartender Pro – This app offers a wide variety of drinks that can be browsed by name or by alcohol type. Have a few different types of booze? Input them and the app tells you what you can make with them and also shows those drinks that may need just one more ingredient.

2. Easy Bartender – Not only can you search for your favorite drink recipes with this app, but you can also input your own recipes to show your favorite bartender at the local watering hole. There are also games and a full search engine.

3. Wine & Food Guide – Always have a problem knowing what wine goes best with your meal. While the white meat white wine method can be used, it is not nearly detailed enough. With the Wine & Food Guide, you can input your meal and it comes back with the best wine to drink with it.

4. MixMentor – This app offers more than just recipes for common and popular drinks, it also offers definitions of terminology. There are also many different drinking games for those who are tired of the old standard quarters.

5. Wine Tasting – Always wanted to go to a wine tasting but never had the chance? Simply pull up this app and have one at your home. All the tips and steps are included along with an extensive wine list.

6. Mobile Bartender – This is one of the few apps that actually contain a full section for drop shots. Drop shots are those shots that require the shot to be dropped into another glass of liquid and some are even set on fire first.

7. Wine Profiles – Learning about wines and regions is made easy with this app for the Blackberry. Input a wine and see what it is rated.

8. Drink Buddy – When throwing a party, it can be helpful to know what your guest’s blood alcohol level is before you let them drive home. All you need is weight and height and all of your friends can have their BAC levels tracked for the duration of the party.

9. Wine of the Day – Want to increase your knowledge of wine on a daily basis. This app features a wine of the day and gives you all of the information on each one.

10. Cocktail Mixer Remixed – The perfect companion for holiday drink recipes, the Cocktail Mixer Remixed offers more than just recipes for the holidays but drinks all year round.

Nothing is better than throwing a party for family and friends. With the above apps, you can have the best parties or wine tasting around.

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Is Droid Motorola’s Answer to Apple’s iPhone?

The number of smartphones carrying the Android operating system has rapidly increased, ever since the OS was launched by Google a couple of years back. From Taiwan-based smartphone manufacturer HTC to Sony Ericcson and Motorola, every phone brand has been cramming to launch their own Android line of phones while techies and gadget enthusiasts like us scamper to buy or find a free android phone that may be lying around.

Indeed, a free android phone could be the coolest birthday or Christmas gift that we can ever get. If you could ever get your hands on one-and choose which one-what would be your smartest choice?

The latest android phone to hit the market is Motorola’s Droid phone. From the time Droid teasers were launched via a catchy video, techies and gadgets enthusiasts have been dreaming of getting their hands on this new eye candy from Motorola. The best thing about this smartphone-or at least about its marketing blitz-is that it promises to kill off Apple’s iPhone.

We all know how iPhone left us drooling when it was released about a year ago. Since Apple launched iPhone, however, there have been not a few manufacturers who tried to release their own versions of the “iPhone killer”. It seems that they not one has been successful though.

Despite all the disappointment about the previous “iPhone killers,” it looks like Motorola’s Droid is showing much promise. For one, you have a teaser enumerating what it can do that iPhone cannot. And second, all these are true.

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New Mobile Phone Features to Attract Gadget Junkies

We can easily say that we are living in a new age where technology as grown so much that life has become very easy to everyone. The toughest things in life have been simplified, thanks to the world of technology. You can have the world to become so small that it is now the size of your palm. Its in your mobile phone. With just a few taps on your mobile phone you can now see or talk to your family and friends who might be miles away from you. As technology progresses, the world is becoming less complicated than ever before. The designs that you can pick from are also amazing when it comes to your mobiles. These are available according to the tastes of people; some people even can get their own custom designs on their phone covers.

The touch screen mobiles are very user friendly, and more and more people are opting to get one of those. The technology that the touch screen phones use makes it very easy to operate even for a 5 year old. The features that the touch screen mobiles have are mind blowing and ever evolving to supply for the demands made by the consumers. This is the reason why that all the mobile phone companies usually say that they can give their users whatever they want on their mobile. This is because of the ability to be able to create applications that their mobiles are capable of handling.
They allure people from different ages to be able to get their hands on these devices to keep up with their thirst for entertainment or just keeping up with technology. Touch screens are easy to use and they are so much more in demand these days. They can be used by simply touching the screen without having to press hard buttons.

The touch screen technology has grown in its demand and the market is coming up with slimmer phones and more delicate ones too. The use of touch screen phones is more of a trend than they are a need. However,, with the growing dependency that people are having for mobile phones, and the slow fading away of normal button-type phones only mean that touch phones are here to stay and keep enticing more people. Their high end features including the internet and other multimedia features make it one of the best phones that people want to get their hands on. The features that the camera has is so good that people these days don’t even need to buy an additional camera and can just buy a video camera, still camera all packed into a mobile phone.

The music features and the gaming features are also good. They make the mobile phone a perfect gadget for anyone who wants to find an entire entertainment packed suite in their hands. If you are considering buying a mobile phone, my suggestion will be to buy the iPhone which has been released by Apple. They have the best available features and are constantly updated and come with insurance as well

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iPhone Apps Abound for the On-The-Go Marketer

Can you use an iPhone in Internet marketing? If you spend any time on the road, the answer is a resounding yes.

With a mind boggling 140,000 apps that run on the iPhone, the device has gone from being a mere cell phone to “your computer away from the computer.” You can surf the web in brilliant detail using a version of Safari that works much like the Safari on your Mac, check up on your sales totals for the month, create to-do lists for the coming days and weeks, read and send e-mail from the same accounts as you use on your Mac, check up on the success of your current Web campaign, and more.

The iPhone has achieved a stunning success in the smart phone marketplace for a reason: it brings Apple’s  quality of workmanship, smoothness and brilliant interface design to the smart phone.

In fact, millions of people who would never think of purchasing a Mac because they are locked into the PC mindset have giddily embraced the iPhone. The iPhone (and iPod) was Apple’s brilliant “foot in the door” that got many PC users to consider the Apple product line. PC users could enjoy Apple’s quality of engineering without the hassle of learning a new computer system and transferring all their files over. In fact, many PC snobs who looked down on the Macintosh have become some of the foremost proponents of the iPod and iPhone line.

In many ways, the iPhone is like a “Mac in your pocket.” It embodies the same stunning quality of engineering and brilliantly well-thought-out interface of the Macintosh. All in a package you can carry in your pocket or hold in the palm of your hand.

Following is a tiny selection of the available iPhone apps that can be of use to Internet marketers.

Action Lists

Creating to-do lists and goals is an important daily activity for any successful business person. Action Lists is one of many to-do list managers available for the iPhone. It is an app that seems simple at first glance but reveals an impressive amount of depth once you start exploring it.

The main screen contains a list of the current to-do lists that you have set. Tapping any one of these items brings up the task details screen in which you can assign the task to a project, set the context, assign a start and due date, set repeat options, add notes, and more. Buttons visible at the bottom of the screen provide quick links to available options.


Roambi (pronounced roam-bee) is the slickest, smoothest app for the iPhone I have found to date. It is essentially a spreadsheet program, but, rather then trying to shrink down a standard computer spreadsheet to the iPhone screen, it instead reconfigures the way the data is displayed. It can display data as a stack of cards in a card file, as a catalog of line charts, as a simple interactive pie chart  or as a detailed “super list” showing bar graphs for an extensive list of items.

Roambi doesn’t simply show a scaled-down subset of your spreadsheet data; instead, it totally reconfigures it to perfectly fit the iPhone screen and capabilities. In a Roambi data view, all of the information in a large spreadsheet is accessible, but reformatted in such a way that it is not only accessible but actually kind of beautiful.

AmbiScience Brain Power

Sometimes when you’re on the road you simply want to drown out the hubbub and noise around you. AmbiScience Brain Power can help. It plays a number of soothing sounds that, with headphones, can help you concentrate. The app claims to “sync your brain waves which leaves you feeling refreshed, peaceful and inspired.” I don’t know about that, but I do know that this app is a good way to drown out extraneous sounds.

Aji Reader

Aji Reader is an app that allows you to-get this-view full-sized PDF files on your iPhone. Simply enter in the URL at which the PDF that you wish to view is found on the Web and it will be downloaded to your device. Viewing a PDF formatted for 8.5 x 11 paper on the 2 x 3″ screen can sometimes be a challenge, but landscape mode and the high-resolution of the iPhone screen helps. The app has quite a bit of depth and itself has a 36-page user manual (in PDF format, of course). 

(Note: Apple’s new iBooks app also lets you view PDFs on your iPhone.)


Since we rarely think in a linear fashion, and one thought often leads to another in an (hopefully) endless fashion, the mind map as been developed to help us capture our thoughts.

Most people think of using a mind map on a large screen, but a number of mind map programs have been developed for the iPhone. If you’re on the go and you find yourself with some spare time when a brilliant inspiration hits you, it can be handy to have this in your pocket.

ThinkingMap displays a simple black-and-white mind map that effectively takes advantage of the small screen real estate (but does not allow you to move or rearrange topics once you have created them).


This mind map app offers a more colorful but somewhat less space efficient interface that does allow you to move subtopics around By dragging them with your finger (but does not seem to let you reconnect a subtopic to a different topic if you decide it fits better somewhere else). Both apps let you export your mind map as an image that can be much larger than the iphone’s screen, although SimpleMind offers higher resolution.

Analytics Agent

If you have a spare moment while on the road, why not check up on how your websites are doing? Analytics Agent allows you to access your Google Analytics data through a slick, easy to use interface; just enter your analytics login information and connect!

This is not merely a web page shrunk down to iPhone size. Instead, the analytics data in the form of lists, bar graphs, pie charts and more is reformatted to smoothly fit the iPhone screen. Buttons at the bottom of the interface allow you to view the total number of visits, the number of unique visitors, the page views, the amount of time visitors spend on the site and the bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who view more than just the home page). This app comes in both a free and a paid version. The free version displays ads while the paid version contains more info. Analytics Agent should not be confused with an inferior app simply called Analytics with which I have experienced intractable login difficulties.


Twitter is the micro-blogging platform of the year (or maybe the decade), and it is just as popular with Internet marketers as with the general public. The iPhone is a great vehicle to let you keep in touch with your Twitter followers, as it provides access to the service at any time of day, wherever you may happen to be.

Apple’s app store lists dozens of Twitter apps for the iPhone, including one provided by Twitter itself, called simply “Twitter” (although some screens are labelled “twittermobile.” It offers real-time search, Top Tweets, trending topics and maps that show what’s happening nearby or across the country.

Got a free moment? Update your Twitter feed, or catch up on the general Twitter stream. Your Twitter account need never be stagnant with Twitter installed on your iPhone.

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