How To Speed Up A Computer That Lacks The Speed Necessary To Perform Normal Tasks

When a computer lacks the necessary speed to do the everyday duties we expect them to do, the problem is usually one of four things. Three of these things are software related. Only one is something you can hold in your hand; while it is in an anti-static bag of course. So, what are these things, how do we know which one of them is bad and what do we do about it? These are questions addressed in this article.

The four possible causes of a computer slowdown are:

· Spyware is present

· The computer has a virus

· The operating system has registry problems

· More ram needs to be installed


Spyware can cause a computer to be very slow. This is because it is a software program that is running even though you are not aware of it. Because this spyware software is running, it is actually using your operating system’s resources in order to carry out its missions. Its missions are to steal information about you. So, you have two reasons to run spyware scans periodically. One is so your computer won’t slow down and the second is so your private information will remain private.


Viruses can cause all kinds of computer problems. Viruses of old had one mission and that was to make your computer inoperable. Now, viruses often team up with spyware to gain valuable insights into your shopping habits and maybe even try to find out your banking account numbers and Social Security number. Like spyware, you have two reasons to want to keep viruses off of your computer. One is so your computer won’t be ruined and the other is to protect your personal information.

Registry Corruption

Registry corruption was not written by an evil script writer. Registry corruption is simply the result of the Windows operating system gaining and losing software and hardware. Also, registry corruption will develop from temporary files that are moved onto your computer as you surf the web. If you have registry corruption, there is no reason to beat yourself up. It doesn’t mean you misused your computer. All it means is you need to clean it out so your computer will run fast once again. The best way to do this is to simply run a registry cleaning or repair program.

More RAM Needed

If the computer only slows down when a particular software program or piece of hardware is running, make sure the software or hardware doesn’t require more RAM to use. If it does, and you neglected to add the needed RAM, of course, your computer will slow down. However, it will only slow down while you are using the software or hardware that requires more RAM.

While any of these things can cause your computer to run slowly and perform poorly, you surely should be aware of all of these things. Certainly you should scan for viruses and spyware regularly and you should be aware registry corruption can cause a computer to lose its performance edge in many ways. Also, make sure you have enough RAM to use all the programs on your computer.

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