The Dynamics of Cloud Telephony

With an ailing economy at the door step, it is crucial for all concerned companies to ensure excellent service and productive tools to enhance the business to stay afloat. One of the avenues to maintain the business is to have a good communication system like to ensure that the customers are always able to access the company easily.


Cloud solutions prove increasingly popular with many businesses today as they are easy to use, affordable and manageable. Hosted systems offer the enterprise class solutions with no expensive hardware or infrastructure to add. There are no long repeated implementations that come with on-site IP systems. Productivity can be enhanced with features like secure chat, unified messaging through email and integration of Microsoft Outlook with visual voice, audio conferencing, email/test, photo caller ID, instant recording and ring back.

Upsides of solution

Cloud solutions allow a total control of all business calls without disturbing the office phone; a mouse click is all that is needed to activate and route all forms of business communications. Cloud telephony permits the relocation of the cloud to a preferred communication space which caters easily to effective voice services, call centers and communications. Cloud telephony employs an award winning application known as HUD for easy usage, easy management and low cost. Users have no trouble getting on to the system quickly as there are seldom any complications in the networks.

Types of businesses

Almost all businesses today use to increase productivity. Switching and routing companies use solutions for better control over their core business components to ensure higher productivity and customer satisfaction. Companies that deploy a lot of communication components use solutions to collapse or simplify all networks to provide better communications for higher profits. Any type of business that is open to higher productivity and consistent performance will find an effective option. Implementation is easy with a simple plug in within minutes. Cloud telephony is suitable in any kind of business regardless of its size or volume transactions.

Application relevance

Installation of is carried out with a drop-down feature to access the relevant components that are well organized by HUD. Customized options are possible depending on needs and preferences. With HUD, every employee can group common contacts in an easy pull-down box to display various features that include eligibility in receiving phone calls, current call status or activation menu. HUD can eliminate tedious print directories searches in cloud telephony without limiting to the office.

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